OU and SAE, the national organization, got it right

By: Karen Carrera, TrizCom PR

The University of Oklahoma and the national Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity get kudos for their handling the horrific video of hateful racial slurs made on a party bus of immature frat boys and their dates.

It’s unimaginable that in 2015 these kids think that the song is OK. Well it’s not. The university and national chapter should be proud of the way they handled the initial stage of the crisis by sending a swift, severe zero tolerance message:

  • Your behavior is not acceptable.
  • We are closing your doors.
  • We are launching an investigation.

 In addition to a strong, proactive message, other lessons learned include:

  • Respond channel to channel during a crisis. The video was originally brought to light on social media channels. The university president responded on Twitter in less than an hour.
  • Time is of the essence. Monitor your social channels – people expect a reply in 60 minutes, some studies show.
  • Cameras are everywhere. Expect horrid behavior to be captured on someone’s smart phone and shared over social. It’s going to happen.
  • If you act a certain way, people are going to talk about you. Any organization – corporate or non-profit – should use this video as a learning tool. There should be policies in place, people should be educated on what’s expected, and immediate consequences should be in place.

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