Tips for PR intern interviews

Dear potential interns,

Less than one year ago, I was in your exact same shoes – staring at the abyss of my closet the night before an internship interview, trying to find something passable to wear and fighting off the worry that there is probably a spelling error somewhere in my portfolio or resume.

Don’t furrow your brow for too long, though. It will all work out. I interviewed, secured the internship and after a few months was hired on full time. 

Yes, interviewing for an internship in public relations can be nerve-wracking. It may be your first big foray into the industry, where all you’ve learned so far is put to the test. But while internships can be scary, they are also exhilarating and can be amazing opportunities to learn what it’s really like to work in the public relations industry.

So, you want that coveted internship right? Here are a few tips to get you going and position you for interview success:

1.    Dress professionally: This is a no-brainer but still worth stating for those who missed the boat. Guys – a suit and tie goes a long way in maintaining that professional look. Ladies – a nice dress and jacket or a women’s suit will show you mean business. Even if the company isn’t very formal, show you are willing to dress the part of a PR professional.

2.    Bring extra copies: Bring extra copies of your resume, portfolio or any writing samples, even if you aren’t asked. Having backup copies ready to go shows you are thinking ahead and prepared.

3.    Read the company’s website: Understand how the company works, what the culture is like and especially who the clients are. You don’t want questions about clients or why you want to work there to come as a shock.

4.    Study the company’s social media pages: This is a really great way to get to know the firm’s clients, activities and company culture. Follow, like, comment – make your presence known on their social channels. Start a conversation before your interview even begins.

5.    Follow up: Always, always, always follow up after the interview. Thank your interviewer for taking the time out of their day to meet with you, and ensure they have all of the documents they need to make a decision. It also doesn’t hurt to send a hand-written thank you note.

6.    Have nice nails: Bad hair days happen. Makeup can get messy. But when in PR, you had better have nice nails. You are constantly shaking people’s hands and sitting at conference tables with your hands on the table. Guys and gals: clean up those nail beds, file those jagged edges, and make those nails shine.

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