5 Tips to be Media-Friendly with Your iPhone Camera App(s)

By Guest Blogger Cameron Cobb, Cameron Cobb Photography

Sometimes our clients find themselves in need of impromptu photos at special events, chance meetings or other newsworthy happenings. Being prepared on how to effectively take photos on your iPhone is key to creating images that can be amplified across mass and social media on behalf of your brand.

Cameron Cobb, a Dallas-based photographer, shares tips on how to use an iPhone in a pinch.


1) Always hold your phone sideways. (They don't call it landscape mode for nothing.) The angle of the lens is so wide to begin with that you are able to squeeze much more into the image and in focus than when you hold the phone vertically or in "selfie mode." More is more. You can always crop it later.




2) Speaking of selfie mode: Always rely on the lens on the BACK of the camera. The difference in quality is astounding. While it may seem easier to snap that event pic of you and your CEO accepting the award, turn the phone around and press the button without looking, or ask someone to snap it for you.





3) Why just take photos? Everyone loves to feel like they’re included in cool events. Why not set your phone down and take a quick time-lapse video? It's just a couple of swipes over on your camera menu, and when you post it on Facebook, your family, friends, clients and colleagues will think you are a technical genius.



4) Speaking of your camera menu: Have you tried the HDR function? It basically takes multiple exposures of one photo and blends the best parts of each. Not only will it up your overall photo quality, but it might help fill in some shadows on that shot you got that overcast Grand Opening day.



5) Never zoom. Seriously. You will get a better image if you blink your eye and say "click."











All photos courtesy of Cameron Cobb, all shot on iPhone.