Holiday Gifts Guaranteed to Bring Cheer Throughout the Year to PR Pros

By Katie Mudd, TrizCom PR Account Executive


Tis the season of giving, which means friends and family members are anxiously trying to find the perfect gift for you. Public relations professionals are trained to spot trends, which means they are often early adopters and great gift givers but notoriously difficult to give gifts to. For those seeking the perfect gift for the PR pro in their life, look no further – we’ve gathered a few items that are guaranteed to bring cheer throughout the year.

1.    Time

Public relations professionals are always on the go – balancing client meetings, events, deadlines and media interviews. A missed meeting cannot be afforded. To help keep track of time consider a stylish smart watch from Apple or Fossil.

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1.    PRSA membership

Our industry is ever-changing, and networking is key to stay on top of the game. Consider prepaying for an annual membership to PRSA Dallas.

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1.    Kindle

Avid readers make stronger writers. Gift the gift of a limitless library with a Kindle e-reader.


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1.    Relaxation

Working in this industry is not for the faint of heart. To help public relations professionals stay focused and refreshed, consider adding an essential oil diffuser to their desk.

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1.    Caffeine

There’s no problem that can’t be tackled with a little kick of caffeine. Whether it’s coffee, tea or Diet Coke, make sure the PR pro in your life is fully stocked with their favorite potion to tackle any task.

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1.    Personalized stationary

The most important element of the work we do is maintaining relationships with those we work with. Whether it’s a client, partner or media contact, it’s nice to send a quick note every now and then.

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1.    Monogrammed notebook

I never leave my desk without a notebook. Whether I’m attending a client meeting, media interview or brainstorming with a colleague, I like to have a clean notebook to track my thoughts.

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One of these suggestions is sure to please, or perhaps you’ve been inspired with an idea or two of your own. Whatever the case…

Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping!

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