Every Action Has a Reaction

By Jo Trizila, CEO of TrizCom Public Relations and Pitch PR

If anyone were to tell me nine years ago, today, that I would resign from the Dallas Chamber (a job that I absolutely loved) in the morning and find myself sitting around a board room table at Texans Credit Union as a consultant later that same afternoon, I would have laughed. I had every obstacle to prevent success in place: I had never worked in an agency, had never worked for a for-profit company, had no idea how to read a balance sheet, had only two months’ worth of savings, and on and on. But, to be frank, I never thought of what I didn’t have and instead put my energy into what I did have: I had a computer, an email address and a Blackberry, and I ate, slept and breathed public relations.

The starting of TrizCom is proof that constraints actually make you more creative. I have told this story a thousand times…. I took the door off my spare bedroom and placed it across my two end tables for a desk. I changed my Blackberry message to be my company voicemail. I quickly learned what a 1099 was. I powered up my then 5-year-old laptop computer, bought insanely expensive ink cartridges for my printer and, voila, I had a copy machine. I didn’t have a name for my company or a domain or a website – heck, I wasn’t even sure what the going rate for consultants was, but the rate I quoted seemed fair. I didn’t have a business plan or any plan for that matter. I used my AOL address for email. Basically, I had nothing (aka constraints), but at the same time, I had everything. I had one client and, by golly, I was in business.

Now, fast forward nine years. Today, 17 companies have put their trust in TrizCom PR to represent their brands ranging from B2B to B2C, for-profit and not-for-profit, large and small.

Community Council

CTL Medical Corporation

Dallas Fan Days

DFW Boat Expo

Dillon Gage Metals

Fan Expo Dallas

Heroes for Children

International Depository of Canada

International Depository Services of Delaware

Operation Kindness

Solis Mammography

Soulman's Bar-B-Que

Taco Bueno

Taylor's Gift


Unequal Halo

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

Over the past nine years, we have represented everything from well-known companies – Cadillac, GM, GMC, Gexa Energy, The Spaghetti Warehouse, Chevrolet, Texans Credit Union, Heelys, NextEra Energy Services, Domino’s Pizza, Cooper Aerobics and Massage Envy,

To middle market companies – Grenadier Homes, Alsbridge, Brennan Financial Services, Goodway Group, Legacy ER & Urgent Care, Billingsley Company, Aidan Gray and 1st Service Solutions,

To startups – SocialCentiv, NTEC, Lumin Care, MarketNet, ezLocator, beatrix prive, Accel Spine, Healthy Steps, Society Stylist, Jeff Gusky’s Hidden World of WWI, Sports Video Innovations (SVI) and Wyndham Jade,

To municipalities The City of Richardson, The City of Irving and The City of Forney,

To our agency partners The Barbershop Marketing and Spire Agency.

We have chosen our clients and partners very carefully, making sure that they are a good fit for us and that it’s a relationship that works on both sides of the table.

In the past nine years we have won awards, donated agency hours for nonprofits, created some killer promotions and landed some really awesome placements.

But, as proud as I am of the work we have done for every single one of our clients, what makes me the proudest is the people that call TrizCom home and the culture we have created. There hasn’t been a magic formula or any type of a magic pill – but somehow we have collectively created an agency/firm that is collaborative, innovative and proactive. An agency that is fun, cheerful and dedicated. We grant the gift of failure because, let’s face it – not every campaign is going to be a home run. We celebrate one another’s victories with enough healthy competition that makes everyone laugh (often). We stop and smell the roses, and then we share them with others. We work hard and play hard. We celebrate disruptions. Our TrizCom team is happy, productive and crazy creative. There is a respect that every single one of us has for one another’s work. We empower each other.

We have collectively identified that we don’t want to be a cookie cutter, box-checking PR agency – we want to develop groundbreaking PR, and everything we do revolves around that. Together we combine best practices and best thinking, we empower communications with bigger, bolder ideas to break through clutter that achieves results for our clients. And, most importantly, every single TrizCom team member loves what they do and, frankly, they are damn good at it. Line up TrizCom with any of the top 50 PR agencies in the nation, and we will give them a good run for their money.

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I really only have one thing I would do differently in these past nine years. If I had to do it all over again, I would not have included my name in the name of our company because it isn’t just me – it’s Dana, Jeff, Katie, Jennifer, Karen, Allison, Susan, Tammy, Kim, Amanda and Rebecca, and the many former teammates who helped create TrizCom PR. Simply put, we have made it nine years because of the awesome team that we have.

The admiration I have for every single TrizCom PR team member can’t be expressed with words. They have taught me that in unity, there is strength enough to construct a colossus. From the foundation to the ridgepole, the parts reinforce and support one another to create a cathedral that will echo with sounds of success. TrizCom PR prospers because of the synergism our team, individually and collectively, provides in building solidarity.

So, with that, I say thank you from the very core of my being. Here’s to another nine years.