Why Your Event Needs Public Relations

By: Sara Hughes

TrizCom PR Account Coordinator’s Heather Gilbert and Sara Hughes at Dallas Fan Days 2018.

TrizCom PR Account Coordinator’s Heather Gilbert and Sara Hughes at Dallas Fan Days 2018.

Over the weekend of Oct. 19, the Irving (TX) Convention Center was flooded with thousands of fans celebrating the excitement that comic books, movies and TV shows have given them. From celebrity guests to avid comic book enthusiasts, Dallas Fan Days brought a new dimension to the word, “fandom.”

Dallas Fan Days is an annual comic, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event in North Texas. It’s packed with exciting family-friendly activities, celebrity and comic guests, costume contests and more. Fans of all ages gather in unison to support their favorite characters, comic book artists and cosplayers. And when the event goes off without a hitch each year, that means major thanks are due to the PR team.

What does the PR team do to drive awareness for Dallas Fan Days? At TrizCom, it simply means giving maximum effort. More hours. More research. More heart. As a young PR professional, joining this team allowed me to dive head first into managing a huge event. I learned how to pull a story idea from every angle, including getting famous comic book artist, Sam de la Rosa, on The Blaze Morning Show for National Comic Book Day! Being creative and open-minded got Dallas Fan Days featured in hundreds of outlets including, The Dallas Morning News, FOX 4 Dallas and KXYL-FM. Connecting with the media and creating a storyline allowed me to fully appreciate everything the outlets have to offer.

Due to our overwhelming efforts, Dallas Fan Days is estimated to have over 4.24 million coverage views, 1.37 billion in online readership and 13.6 thousand social media shares. These numbers wouldn’t be possible if our team did the bare minimum. With an ‘all hands on deck’ approach, we were able to push limits, have fun and make memories.

When PR is done well, the outcome can be overwhelming. In just three short months, and with the help of my team, I learned how to write an incredible press release, connect with journalists and media outlets, set measurable goals and, overall, run a successful event. 

And I even got my picture taken with C-3PO and it wasn’t in a galaxy far far away.

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