16 Ways To Repurpose Your Media Wins

Transitioning Your Earned Media into Owned Media

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Your company just got a fantastic article in a leading magazine. Don’t let the attention and viewability stop with the publication. Repurpose/Amplify that media win. Third-party endorsement is powerful. You didn’t pay for this. It is not an advertisement, and it resonates with audiences as authentic.

  1. BLOG – Post the article on your blog.

  2. WEBSITE – Post the article on your website under “In the News.”

  3. SOCIAL – Post the article link on your social networks.

  4. TEAR SHEET – Create a tear sheet to use in investor meetings, sales presentations, trade shows, conventions, etc. You can print off color copies of the article or have it designed and printed. Please note that reprint permission may have to be granted first.

  5. MEDIA LOGO – Create an “As Seen In …” with the outlet’s logos (be careful, though; some publications/outlets do not allow this).

  6. INFLUENCERS – Send the article to industry influencers with a note, thought you would like to see this…

  7. EMAIL – Email a note and PDF of the article to current, past and future clients.

  8. MEDIA KIT – Add the article to your media kit.

  9. INTERNAL – Send the article with a note to employees. Employees are your brand ambassadors, and many will forward to their contacts. This is a great morale booster too.

  10. RECRUITING – Make sure HR has a copy of key media wins. When a company gets press mentions, it’s a sign of good health. Prospective employees will be interested.

  11. POINT OF SALE – Create a point of sale plaque with media win.

  12. NEWSLETTER – Why not put your news in your newsletter? Great content.

  13. LOBBY – Have printed stories framed and hung in your office lobby. Reading about the company you are waiting to see is more entertaining than flipping through a lobby magazine.

  14. PASS IT ON – Send to family and friends, vendors and partners – and ask them to forward it. The power of referrals is strong.

  15. VIDEO – Consider making a video loop of broadcast placements. You can use this in your lobby, at trade shows, job fairs, etc.

  16. PULL QUOTES – Pull key quotes and have postcards printed “ABC Company is changing the world.” – XYZ Magazine 7/15/15

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