Join Us to Support North Texas Giving Day, Sept. 19


The single largest online fundraising event in Texas will go live Thursday, September 19, and we’re excited to support the annual event along with the amazing nonprofits that will benefit from this giving extravaganza. North Texas Giving Day is presented by the Communities Foundation of Texas with the intent of bringing the community together, raising awareness for good causes and supporting local nonprofits to continue meeting their goals. The day provides social awareness and collaboration in an effort to make the act of giving not only easier but creative.

During the 18-hour online giving window, nonprofits are able to garner support from the community and extra donation prizes if the criteria is met through contributors who choose to donate. In addition, participating nonprofits will provide bonus funding where anyone who donates online through, the donation will be doubled through matching. With the length of the donation window, starting from 6 a.m. to midnight, nonprofits are looking at all of North Texas to join in and show their passion for the causes that mean the most to them.

At TrizCom PR, we are supportive of North Texas Giving Day for that reason. We are passionate about giving back, building a better community and helping others succeed in reaching their goals. It’s why we find it important to support nonprofits that are making differences in the lives of North Texas residents. Philanthropy is an incredible part of what we do as we find it important to support the community that we are a part of. When we better the community, we better ourselves.

TrizCom PR proudly works with local nonprofits who are making substantial differences including Community Council of Greater Dallas, Operation Kindness and Heroes for Children. We are dedicated to providing increased awareness through strategic objectives and communicating the heart of the organization in order for them to be successful. By recognizing a nonprofit’s mission, we are not only encouraging that support of care, but we bring attention to their cause, especially during special events like North Texas Giving Day.

We encourage you to visit the website and take the opportunity to learn more about participating Texas nonprofits. To find out how you can help, and if you would like to leave a donation, visit

Below you’ll also find more information about several organizations that are close to our hearts and ones we’re proud to support during this year’s North Texas Giving Day.

The Community Council of Greater Dallas

Founded in 1940, The Community Council of Greater Dallas identifies services needed in the Dallas community, assessing on how best to deliver them to meet social issues while mobilizing and implementing plans that work together with its members to create conducive resources. Issues often addressed by Community Council include public health, legislative advocacy, welfare and juvenile delinquency. By meeting the needs of these every day challenges, Community Council works to create a better community through fact-based research, volunteers and founding new services that uplift Dallas residents.


Heroes for Children

Heroes for Children is an organization that provides community support and social and financial assistance to Texas families with a child aged 0 to 22 battling pediatric cancer. For over 14 years, the organization has given nearly $6 million to 6,000 families. The impact of childhood cancer is felt by the entire family, and Heroes for Children provides additional support through social programs and events in DFW, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. These programs allow children to be children and give families an opportunity to participate in activities outside of the hospital environment. Heroes for Children is also the only organization in the state of Texas that gives financial assistance for fertility preservation and funerals. The nonprofit ensures that no family fights pediatric cancer alone.


Operation Kindness

Since the organization’s founding in 1976, Operation Kindness has saved the live of over 105,000. The organization is the original and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas. Their mission advocates for humane values and behaviors and provide care for homeless animals until each is adopted into a responsible home. On average, the shelter cares for over 400 animals and assists with more than 5,000 dogs and cats each year with the help of foster families and volunteers.