Legislative Affairs/Corporate Lobbying

For companies that have issues worthy of public interest, TrizCom PR will integrate legislative affairs into the strategy and give you a voice with local, state and national governments. Legislative affairs can include briefings with elected officials and their staffs, keeping in touch on issues by email and social media, generating public campaigns that move people to action, communicating public opinion and important issues to the media, and/or working with lobbyists.

One TrizCom partner is interested in raising money and focusing elected officials’ attention to protecting America’s history overseas along a WWI battlefront. We’ve represented that partner in meetings with government-appointed commissions and are planning a future public fundraising campaign.

A legislative/elected official campaign could include:

  • Issue awareness

  • Strategic planning

  • Message development

  • Polling and surveys

  • Events

  • Editorial writing

  • Press releases

  • Media briefings

  • Interview requests

  • Breaking news

  • Editorial submissions

  • Byline articles

  • Guest blogging opportunities

  • Content marketing

  • Media pitches

  • Editorial board briefings

  • Press conferences

  • Media training

  • One-on-one meetings

  • Grassroots campaigns