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SocialCentiv – turning conversations into customers, in real time, with real results.

Founded in 2008, SocialCentiv’s patented software allows enterprises, agencies and small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs) to mine Twitter for prospective customers. Using keywords and location, SocialCentiv’s system finds relevant conversations so a business can respond in real time with an incentive. The tool has an average 34 percent or higher conversion rate, defined as a downloaded offer. Restaurant and hospitality users have seen more than a 100 percent success rate, thanks to the software’s patented marketing automation.

To illustrate how SocialCentiv works: You’re starving. “I’m hungry,” you Tweet. Within minutes, Pizza Magic responds with a coupon for 20 percent off on a pizza. It tastes great. “Loved the Pizza Magic spinach Alfredo pizza,” you Tweet.

Key differentiators:

  • The patented software gets smarter, learning as the user responds to a Tweet or flags it as irrelevant. Over time, SocialCentiv becomes better at predicting which Tweets are more important.
  • SocialCentiv’s reporting technology features an easy-to-use dashboard that displays data in real time, letting clients respond immediately to fulfill a consumer need. Clients know how many people are downloading offers, and they can monitor what’s working in their campaign.
  • SocialCentiv introduced a Spanish version in early 2014 to help clients expand markets both domestically and abroad. After English, Spanish is the second most common language tweeted.

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