If you are passionate about story-telling, TrizCom PR is the perfect place for you. We get our partners in the news (or keep them out of it), and have tons of fun doing it. We’re always searching for bright, resourceful and creative problem-solvers to join our team. For more information about working with us, please email, admin@TrizCom.com

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Jobs Available

At this time we do not have any full time positions available, Continue to check our website for new updates. 


Are you looking to apply your academic knowledge to real-world writing, media relations, marketing and promotions scenarios? We offer paid internship opportunities throughout the year that are flexible with your schedule.

Interns help us with:

2015 TrizCom PR Interns

2015 TrizCom PR Interns

  • Writing PR materials, including press releases, website copy and blog copy

  • Managing PR archives and photo resources

  • Preparing media kits

  • Planning special events or promotions

  • Assisting with social media outreach efforts

  • Interviewing and editing video

  • Collecting research

  • Assisting TrizCom PR’s overall marketing and PR campaigns.

To apply, please send cover letter, resume, writing samples and availability to TrizCom@TrizCom.com.


Rebecca Ellis, Intern from Texas Tech University, Summer 2017

What are the three best things about TrizCom PR and/or working for TrizCom PR?

The three best things about working for TrizCom PR are definitely the responsibility they give interns, collaboration and the partners. At TrizCom, interns are treated as employees, which means we get to be very hands-on with all of the accounts. We get to be a part of the creative process and our opinions are valued. Because of this, we also get to work with every member of the team on a wide variety of partners. 

What is the #1 thing you learned about PR through your internship with TrizCom PR?

The number one thing I learned through my internship is that there is no right or wrong way to do your job. Everyone at TrizCom has different styles of doing their job and each style is celebrated. Everyone in the office teaches and learns from each other. I learned that getting a second opinion from someone who works differently from you is one of the best ways to improve your work. 

Advice to future interns?

Write everything down. Seriously. Even if you think you'll remember it all, write it down anyway. Write down your assignments, your schedule, your boss's schedule, everything. Write it down so you don't have to ask questions later. It will make everyone's life easier, I promise. 

Amanda Brown, Intern from Texas Tech University, Summer 2017

What are the 3 best things about TrizCom PR and/or working for TrizCom PR?

  1. The Company Culture- The TrizCom staff is amazing. Everyone is so helpful and always in a great mood. We constantly laugh, tell stories and have a great time. I was never treated like an “intern” and I was always included in everything that was going on at TrizCom.

  2. The Experience- I learned so much during my time at TrizCom. I feel like I learned more here than all four years in college. I wasn’t making coffee runs or doing grunt work; I was doing actual work to help further my PR career.

  3. The partners- TrizCom has a ton of fun partners. I loved getting to work with each and everyone of them on something. I got to go on several fun field trips/partner visits, which not many interns get to go on. All the partners are amazing and really appreciate the work TrizCom does for them.

What is the #1 thing you learned about PR through your internship with TrizCom PR?

The 1 thing I learned about PR through this internship was the power of time management. Since TrizCom has so many partners I was never just working on one single thing. One day I was making a media list for one partner but having to do research for another. You have to always be on top of things. It’s all about spreading the love and making sure that at the end of the day the partner is happy.

Can you offer any advice to future interns?

Future interns: Work hard, be motivated and take advantage of everything TrizCom has to offer. Everyone at TrizCom wants you to be successful. If you want something to work on, just ask. What you put into the internship is what you are going to get out of it!

Meredith Murphy, Intern from Southern Methodist University, Feb. 2015 – Dec. 2015

What are the 3 best things about TrizCom and/or working for TrizCom?

  1. I loved being able to work with an amazing team! I had the opportunity to get to know everyone in the office really well. Everyone at TrizCom made work fun! Even though I was “just” an intern, I felt completely included in the office. The title “intern” was merely a formality and the team made the most of what I had to offer. TrizCom’s company culture is one of the best I’ve worked in.

  2. I was able to actually use the skills I learned in school and apply them to daily work. My experience at TrizCom supplemented my formal education with challenging and exciting projects. I had the chance to strengthen my writing skills and see my efforts pan out in partner news coverage.

  3. I am so grateful to TrizCom for the opportunity to stay onboard for such a long internship. They were wonderful about accommodating my busy student schedule and commitments. TrizCom made sure I received academic credit for my internship and made sure I found a balance between school and work. I can’t say thank you enough!

What is one thing you learned about PR through your internship with TrizCom?

I learned how important it is to be open to learning about new industries. Being at a TrizCom enabled me to learn about business beyond the basics of PR. I started at TrizCom thinking I was only interested in nonprofit, but left with a better understanding of many diverse businesses.

Can you offer any advice to future interns?

To future interns: Take advantage of everything TrizCom has to offer. If there is something you are interested in learning more about, ask. More than likely, they will be happy to help you learn. In addition to my daily assignments, I got to participate in office outings and partner events. If you let yourself become a part of the team, you will get the most out of your internship!


Adriana Gonzalez, Intern from University of Dallas, Summer 2015

The three best things about TrizCom PR and/or working for TrizCom PR?

A few of the best things about working with TrizCom are how close-knit and team-oriented the employees are, everyone knows each other personally and constantly offers each other help; how exciting it is to always be doing something different, from attending boat expos to trying out new restaurants (all to get to know TrizCom’s partners!); and constantly gaining a little bit of knowledge in many different industries, TrizCom works with partners of all kinds! 

What is the #1 thing you learned about PR through your internship with TrizCom PR?

One thing I learned about PR through my internship with TrizCom is really learning how to multi-task because time is truly of the essence. There is never a time when you’re only working on one single thing. Since news and events are always popping up unexpectedly, you have to react to them quickly before something else pops up and you fall behind. 

Advice to future interns?

I have two pieces of advice to offer to future interns:  learn how to prioritize your responsibilities in order to manage your time wisely and remember that keeping a positive attitude will empower you to do what you love doing most - getting business in the news! 


Christine Baker, Intern from University of North Texas, May. 2015 – August. 2015

What are the 3 best things about TrizCom and/or working for TrizCom?

  1. The staff is great. Everyone is so helpful and willing to give you the resources you need along with constructive feedback that is genuine.

  2. You're doing real work. You don't make coffee runs and make copies all day. You do real work with real partners and help write press releases, pitches, stories and other pieces that have the potential to be published.

  3. Connections/ diversity. The connections you make with the staff and the partners are phenomenal. The partners are so diverse and you learn something new every time you go to work.

What is the #1 thing you learned about PR through your internship with TrizCom?

Personalize everything. It really does make a difference. Personalizing emails, letters, phone calls, etc. by doing your research ahead of time can change everything. 

Can you offer any advice to future interns?

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is there to help you and they will make sure you have everything you need to succeed. 


Taylor Mullan, Intern from OSU, Summer 2014

The three best things about TrizCom PR and/or working for TrizCom PR?

  1. It is a practical internship with real life responsibility that will introduce interns to real-time PR activities.

  2. This internship is instrumental in not just assigning tasks, but they give help and guidance to interns with the tasks at hand. They always give full instructions on how to complete tasks and are more than willing to provide guidance on any aspect of the process.

  3. TrizCom PR is understanding and compassionate to the needs of all employees including interns. TrizCom PR is a fun group to work with! TrizCom PR and a family atmosphere that is sure to welcome any intern and make them feel comfortable to excel in their PR path.

What is the #1 thing you learned about PR through your internship with TrizCom PR?

There is a lot of research that goes into to the planning of news releases and the background of the partner. This research has to be strategically placed into spreadsheets to be accessed through the media planning for the partner. Also, when you call media reporters, you have to make your pitch intriguing because will hang up quickly or not answer at all. 

Advice to future interns?

Always go above and beyond. Ask when you are not sure and make sure you are fully clear with the task before you begin. Ask questions as they arise during your work. When you finish a task, go over your work with your expert. When you have a moment of down time, ask someone else around the office what they need assistance completing. 


Tori Campbell, Intern from TCU, Summer 2014

What are the 3 best things about TrizCom PR and/or working for TrizCom PR?

One of the best things about working for TrizCom PR is that it's a smaller agency, so the interns really get to get involved and do real work. I gained so much experience being able to write press releases, pitch stories, and meet with partners, which you don't always get to do at a larger agency. With that being said, the fact that interns get to be so involved with the partners is a huge plus as well. I was able to sit in on meetings and be really involved with Krista's partners, which I loved! It helped me really understand the relationship between partners and an agency, and I was better able to work with the partners when writing for them or doing research. Overall, the thing that I consider the best about working for TrizCom PR from an intern perspective is the freedom that the interns get to really make the internship what they want and get involved with the work. I felt like I was able to work on things that were truly important, and I was able to ask for more work to be more involved. 

What is the #1 thing you learned about PR through your internship with TrizCom PR?

I would say the most important thing I learned while working at TrizCom PR was managing relationships with partners and reporters. School teaches you the skills you need to work in PR, but working on the job taught me a lot about how important the relationships you build are. 

Can you offer any advice to future interns?

Get involved and ask questions! You can always ask questions if you're unsure because that's what an internship is all about. The more involved you are helps you gain more experience too, so always be willing to take on extra work even if it's something you've never done before. 

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