Investor Relations (IR) PR

Whether you’re heading into an initial public offering (IPO) or trying to raise capital, TrizCom PR’s integrated media and investor relations communication strategies can build credibility and visibility to show value and attract the eyes of investors with long-term and short-term goals. We believe that focusing on all types of media – not just the Wall Street Journal and CNBC – builds a buzz that translates into relevancy, consumer interest and potential worth. And with email marketing and social media marketing, those stories are amplified through tweets, posts, shares and emails to help put the message in the direct path of investors.

One partner’s media and investor relations campaign centered on building equity in order to sell the company. Several years into the relationship, its CEO credits the media exposure garnered by TrizCom to be a critical factor in the successful acquisition.

Investor relations comes with its own particular set of challenges, involving not only media outreach but also alerting investors and staying in compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. TrizCom PR’s staff has years of strategic experience working with small-cap companies.

  • Corporate identity

  • Safe harbor statements

  • Business and Nasdaq wire services

  • Press releases

  • Media briefings

  • Press conferences

  • Shareholder meeting coordination

  • Media training

  • Financial analyst briefings

  • Quarterly and annual reports

  • Crisis preparation and management

  • Compliance

  • Shareholder communication

  • Shareholder meetings

  • Press conferences