Terri Hewitt, Director of Marketing & Sales, Dillon Gage Metals

“TrizCom PR has been a long standing partner for Dillon Gage Metals for a reason--They deliver public relations results on a consistent basis. Our executive team has been introduced to the most relevant precious metals reporters and the coverage we’ve received for years has exceeded our expectations.”

Brett Randle, CEO, Soulman's Bar-B-Que

"PR with style!  Dana and her team at TrizCom Public Relations are true professionals that know how to produce results.  TrizCom PR has my full endorsement."

Tara Storch, Co-Founder, Taylor's Gift

"Fantastic PR company that truly has their partner's best interests at heart.  Their customer service is incredible and they go above and beyond.  I highly recommend TrizCom PR!"

David Apple, Chief Marketing Officer, Legacy ER & Urgent Care

"The TrizCom team of Jeff, Nikki, and Jo have been instrumental in our recent growth and helping us mount a well-received communication plan. Fun, creative, and extremely responsive (we basically got 24hr service, and needed it on occasion). The Legacy ER Team considers TrizCom PR part of the family for sure. Please reach out directly to me for a reference if needed."

Bron Beal, Executive Director, DFW Boat Expo

“TrizCom Public Relations has cut through the clutter to make it possible for our bi-annual Boat Expo to get consistent coverage in an otherwise crowded event city. This has directly led to increased ticket sales which is imperative for the overall success of our exhibitors.”

Derrick Ricketts, Director of Sales, Aidan Gray

“For both industry and non-industry related press, TrizCom PR has been instrumental in gaining national press attention for Aidan Gray. I have never worked with an outside team before who truly takes our business to heart. TrizCom PR is building our public image and taking us to new heights!”

Melissa Bourestom, Executive Director, AAF Dallas

“The team at TrizCom PR have proven to be true partners, aligning our messages with what the public and our constituents find valuable. Whether it’s the promotion of an event or luncheon, securing thought-leadership or addressing the local media on our behalf, this team of creative and professional individuals are swift, nimble and well-versed on what it needs to 'get it done'. We couldn’t have a better team of media specialists in our corner.”

Larissa Linton, Co-founder & Executive Director, Heroes For Children

“Heroes for Children is so incredibly blessed by the partnership with TrizCom PR. The personal attention that we receive is incredible and their attention to detail is second to none. TrizCom PR continues to help our non-profit increase awareness in our community and beyond about the work we are doing. It has been great to see the stories in print and on TV that share the personal journeys these families in need face. I would highly recommend TrizCom PR as a PR firm for any sized business.”

Jim Hanophy, CEO, Operation Kindness

“We are so thrilled with TrizCom Public Relations and the tremendous work they do for Operation Kindness. They are able to uniquely tell our story and position our mission in the media to get mass exposure and ultimately get more people in our doors to adopt dogs and cats. As the original and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas, it is imperative that we stay top-of-mind consistently and TrizCom PR has helped us achieve this locally, regionally and nationally.”

Gwen Nisbett, Journalism Professor, University of North Texas

“Jo Trizila actively sought out the Mayborn School of Journalism at UNT in hopes of engaging students and giving back to the community. With her insight, the students gained greater understanding of the tricky and complex world of crisis communication. More than ever, students benefit from interacting with top-notch professionals, and Jo made a tremendous impact on these future PR and ad practitioners. We hope to continue the relationship between TrizCom PR and the Mayborn.”

Ann Hambly, CMBS Expert & Founder/CEO of 1st Service Solutions

“TrizCom PR is one of the rare companies that under sells and over delivers! Their focus was immediately on us, the customer, and it is obvious by all they do. They work at a fast pace, keep us constantly updated and are always looking out for our best interests. I honestly felt like Jo and her team became my partners in my business rather than my vendors. So much so that I asked Jo to become part of my own advisory board this year. I am so impressed by the whole team at TrizCom PR!”

Matt Davis, Former VP Texas Credit Union

“I hired Jo for assistance with crisis communication. She was able to get up to speed rapidly and begin making a difference within days and weeks. Her focus and service level were very high and I feel that my firm received a very strong return on the investment. As our crisis subsided, Jo continued to add significant value by bringing new elements of communication to our internal PR program. We continued to engage her past our initial crisis need due to this ongoing value. I would recommend Jo and her firm, TrizCom PR”

Scott Sayres, Former Fox4 News Journalist

“Ever play the word association game where someone says one word and you say whatever pops into your head? With "Jo Trizila" you get:

Professional. Smart. Tough. Funny. Committed. Caring. Leader. Direct. Honest. Dedicated. Powerful.Assertive. Tenacious. Resourceful. Reliable. Friendly. Self-reliant. 

I could also come up with a thesaurus full of other adjectives to describe Jo's qualities but they shouldn't be needed. With Jo, what you see is what you get: A smart, focused professional who consistently delivers. I've worked with Jo both as a reporter and now as a PR colleague. She's everything a reporter wants from a PR contact and everything the public relations industry needs. Oh, I nearly forgot one other important attribute: the best.”