Influencer Campaigns

TrizCom PR values our working relationships with influential lifestyle, fashion, food, parenting, tech and business bloggers. Working with bloggers is very different from working with journalists.

We work with bloggers to increase organic exposure for our partners. In addition to providing a platform to communicate to targeted audiences, blogger outreach also helps optimize websites for search and grows social media audiences. We get our partner's products, services and/or events in front of relevant bloggers and high-profile influencers to increase Web presence, consumer awareness, engagement and third-party credibility.

In this process, we:

  • Plan your targets and criteria and find bloggers and their blogs that match them. For example, if your parenting product is looking for a blog post:

o   Do they have children?

o   Where do they live?

o   Are they married? Divorced? Widowed?

o   Have they worked with your competitors?

o   Do they do giveaways or contests?

o   How many active and engaged followers do they have?

  • Find a creative hook within your brand and pitch to bloggers with clear, laid out deliverables

  • Arrange for a sample to be delivered/arrange service

  • Get personal with each blogger to ensure relevance

  • If needed, pay the blogger

  • Follow up and follow through with accurate reporting

Digital Influencers

TrizCom PR utilizes many key software tools that enable us to discover key influencers in given categories – Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Each influencer is ranked accordingly, giving them a level of influence. Each influencer has credibility in their field and within their community. Sometimes the influencers are treated like journalists, and other times they are treated like spokespeople who require payments.

For Influencer Campaigns, we:

  • Identify relevant influencers

  • Measure their visibility, credibility and reputation

  • Contact

  • Execute

  • Evaluate