CSR/Charitable Giving & Sponsorship Strategy

Studies consistently show corporate social responsibility (CSR), charitable donations and corporate sponsorships have a positive impact on the bottom line through increased sales, improved consumer loyalty, employee morale and enhanced brand awareness. Companies are often on the lookout for unique ways to make a name for themselves and consider a formal giving program as part of their public relations strategy. TrizCom PR believes that helping a cause you care about – and one that is also relevant to your business – can reap tangible and intangible benefits for your public image, your shareholders and your community. We guide partners through the critical steps to take in order to maximize their return on charitable donations and corporate sponsorships. This process includes:

  • Defining the objectives of a giving program or sponsorship – why are you giving back?

  • Identification of causes that are consistent with your business values

  • Strategic alignment with organizations where the reputation, demographics and goals are compatible with your business interests

  • Integration of charitable donations, corporate sponsorships, employee volunteerism and executive expertise within a well-thought-out communications plan

  • How to leverage your charitable donation/sponsorship

  • Communicating your charitable donation/sponsorship