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The 4 C’s of College Internships

By Katie Mudd, TrizCom PR

The best way for college students to get a taste of their major in the working world is through internships. However, not all internships are created equal. When selecting an internship program to apply to, it’s important to keep the 4 C’s in mind: culture, career development, coaching and connections.

1. Culture – When seeking internship opportunities, you should have an understanding of what kind of corporate culture and work environment will best suite your ability to learn. Some work environments are full of energy and fast paced, while others may be more predictable and provide a conservative work atmosphere. Whatever your preference is, determine what type of culture and workplace environment will be most conducive to your internship experience.

2. Career Development – It’s important to seek an internship that is relevant to your area of study to enhance your learning experience. The end goal is to gain experience and knowledge of your field as a full-time career before you enter the working world. To ensure you are selecting an internship that is appropriate to your field of study, use your interview opportunity as a way to gather information about the specific duties that are required for the position. This is a great way to discover whether or not the internship program aligns with your career path.

3. Coaching – A good internship should provide interns with strong leadership and mentors who will help guide young professionals as they start their career. Most established internship programs provide interns with a supervisor they should feel comfortable talking to. Interns should feel free to ask their supervisor or team members for advice to help make the internship experience productive and fun.

4. Connections – In the working world, it’s all about who you know that determines where you will go with your career. Internships allow students to gain professional experience while building their network. Interns should take advantage of every opportunity available to them to meet people during their internship, whether it’s an after-hours event or grabbing lunch with the team. Most organizations hire within their intern pool or recommend their interns to other members of their industry – but usually this only happens with interns who have taken the time to get to know their team.

TrizCom hires interns throughout the year to help develop successful public relations campaigns for local, national and international clients. The ideal candidate should be detail-oriented, creative and passionate about crafting the perfect media pitch, while having tons of fun!