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Speed Counts

Speed counts. What we’re talking about here is a manner and method to working in the public relations world. We already know that we live in a 24/7 news cycle, and if you aren’t adjusting the method of how you work, you could be missing out on a very successful strategy. Call it an opinion if you want, but earning a reputation based on your effort to respond quicker makes you a better PR practitioner.

The clients I represent already know this. That’s because I pride myself on how quickly I can get them an answer when they ask a question. All of the media contacts and journalists I work with know this too. Even if they ask a question or request information that I can’t get back to them in five minutes, they’ll still get a reply from me letting them know that I’m on the case. Missed a phone call? Dial them back as soon as possible. And if you’re not getting your work emails on your smart phone, get smarter. Makes it very easy to type out a quick confirmation of receipt every time.

Over time, the contacts on the other end of your computer screen will notice this effort. Then they’ll come to expect it. And that’s a good thing. When it comes time for your client to renew an annual agency of record contract with your firm, might this be a point in your favor? When a reporter you’ve worked with in the past needs a source or some fresh quotes for a new story, will your previous responsiveness play a part in their decision to reach out to you at the expense of someone else? You don’t have to answer either of these rhetorical questions because you already know the answer.

Speed counts.

While you can create an incredible reputation from being a responsive account manager, you can also destroy that perception by being careless. You can be quick, but always be thorough. Re-read your emails before you send them. Use spellchecker. At the end of the day, working on your responsiveness in the public relations world is just like any other skill. It can be acquired if you put in the effort.

Still don’t believe me? I wrote this blog in 22 minutes.

The Art of the Brag

From the TrizCom    Instagram    page, celebrating our 3rd year on the Dallas Business Journal's "Largest PR Firms" list.

From the TrizCom Instagram page, celebrating our 3rd year on the Dallas Business Journal's "Largest PR Firms" list.

I have said it more times than I can count: bragging rights are one of the most valuable tools in your marketing and communication toolbox. We refer to it as the “JD Powers” effect. If I stand in front of you and tell you how awesome I am, you would call me a braggart. If I’m included on a JD Powers list of people who are awesome, it’s proof.

That implied third-party endorsement is what we all seek, some maybe personally, but all should be professionally. With the advent of websites like Yelp and the mind-numbing expanse and influence presented by social media, the environment of information keeps getting more and more crowded.

How does one achieve the JD Power-type of attention without looking like or feeling like a tacky self-promoter? First, ask for it. If you’re a business that has satisfied customers, feel free to simply ask for feedback. Many are happy to share their positive experience, and it is by far the cheapest form of advertising.

If you are so inclined, put you and your business “out there” as industry leaders. Follow the Facebook pages and twitter feeds of influencers in your industry and join the conversation. Sometimes this can establish a credibility that helps in brand positioning when you seek it! Watch and listen for media opportunities where your voice can weigh in. There is nothing like being quoted in a news story to solidly establish that “JD Powers“ reaction.

There are also award opportunities for organizations, ranging from corporations to nonprofits – you just need to go in search of them, because they won’t always find you.

Second, amplify it. Put your good news on blast! Activate the social media arsenal you already have in a few keystrokes. The reach you will have when someone, something or some outlet gives you that implied third-party endorsement is wildly powerful. Now that is something to brag about!

At TrizCom PR, our clients are all afforded the benefit of a team of savvy PR professionals who think creatively for ways to achieve and deploy bragging rights on a regular basis. We’ve done it so well, we’ve received awards for it – like the prestigious 2015 PRSA Pegasus Award, the 2015 Clutch Research & Review Top PR Firm award and a consistent top 25 place on the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Dallas Business Journal’s Largest PR Firms list.

See what I just did there? Proof. That’s what I’m talking about.