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Save the date: UnSummit 2017 on Oct. 27!

Unbelievable lineup of speakers including TrizCom client Sarah Beddoe, CMO of Taco Bueno


For many years, PRSA Dallas – the top-tier, professional public relations and communications organization in Dallas that serves more than 400 public relations practitioners in North Texas – has hosted a traditional Communications Summit in the fall. However, last year PRSA Dallas decided to take a more innovative approach to the annual gathering and launched "PRSA Dallas UnSummit: PR Deconstructed.”

Back by popular demand, this half-day UNsummit (aka not your typical conference) of high-energy, mind-stretching, 7-minute talks will once again be the can’t-miss event for public relations and marketing professionals across DFW, followed by the annual Pegasus Awards Luncheon – of which TrizCom Public Relations is a finalist.

Pegasus Awards awarded to TrizCom Public Relations in 2015 (above) & 2017 (at right)

Pegasus Awards awarded to TrizCom Public Relations in 2015 (above) & 2017 (at right)

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Guests are guaranteed to be engaged as they hear thought-provoking speakers discuss the power of ideas and the rarest dimensions of the public relations profession to elevate their way of thinking. Attendees will leave viewing their careers through a fresh new filter.

The UnSummit, hosted at Gilley’s in downtown Dallas, will be kicked off by Dallas Morning News Editor Mike Wilson, followed by a long list of thought leaders – from Sarah Beddoe, CMO of Taco Bueno, to Lincoln Stephens, officer/co-founder of the acclaimed Marcus Graham Project, to Cydney Roach, EVP of Employee Engagement for Edelman U.S.

This year’s “Talk Track” themes include: Big Idea Thinking, Diving Deep into Digital Communications, and Engaging, Persuading & Moving the Needle.

As a part of the persuading and moving the needle segment, TrizCom client Sarah Beddoe, CMO of Taco Bueno, will discuss the power of engaging a celebrity spokesperson to communicate your brand’s message, highlighting the newly introduced partnership with Taco Charlton, a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys.


This is an event North Texas public relations professionals will not want to miss. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit


And the Award Goes to… Top 5 Reasons Industry Awards Are Good for Business

As public relations professionals, we are often like the proverbial cobbler’s children that don’t have shoes – we’re so busy working to keep our clients in the news that we forget to take time to promote ourselves. Throughout the year, we find ourselves preparing award applications for our clients, so it seems like a no-brainer that we would do the same for ourselves.

Hollywood may recognize award season each fall, but we tend to kick things into gear every summer for PRSA Dallas’ annual Pegasus Awards, which highlight the best public relations campaigns in the DFW Metroplex. Over the past two years that we’ve participated, TrizCom has managed to bring home six awards. I know what you’re probably thinking … is the time investment really worth having shiny hardware displayed on your shelf? And the answer is yes, because awards are good for business.

Here are just a few reasons why awards have been good for our business and the clients we work with.

1.    J.D. Power Effect

When you tell others how awesome you are, it’s bragging, but if you’re included on a J.D. Power list of people who are awesome, it’s proof. This credibility provides you with a third-party endorsement that validates your awesomeness. Find out more about our coined J.D. Power effect here.

2.    Morale Boost

Employees want to be recognized for their hard work. When they feel valued for what they do, work becomes more than just a job – it’s a mission. In turn, they are willing to work harder and give more when their time and talent are appreciated. The recognition of award-winning work is guaranteed to provide a morale boost that will keep employees happy and on staff.

3.    Talent acquisition

By showing off the great things your team can do, you’re able to attract top talent who also wants to be a part of the action. During tough times, awards provide a vote of confidence to potential employers of companies that might be more likely to pull through.

4.    Exposure

Your shiny award is lovely to keep on a shelf, but there is much more you can do with it. Start with drafting a press release announcing your big win. Keep the momentum going year-round by repurposing it on your website, business cards, email signature and social media.

5.    Business procurement

Customers want to be associated with winning companies. A study conducted by Hendricks & Singhal of the University of Western Ontario and Georgia Institute of Technology revealed that more than 600 quality corporate award winners had 37 percent more sales growth than their peers. When prospective clients note that your business has been recognized, it might be the differentiator over your competition, because you're seen as the best at what you do.

In the past few years, TrizCom has successfully won recognition for our clients and individuals in local, regional and national media outlets. Want to be the Beyoncé of your business? We can help with that. Just give us a call at 972-247-1369 or drop us a line at