TrizCom PR: The Ultimate Intern Experience

By Amanda Brown, TrizCom PR Intern

As I head into the last weeks of August, my time at TrizCom PR is coming to an end. In a few short days, I will be saying goodbye to my co-intern, Rebecca; my cozy office; and the entire TrizCom staff. Though I am sad to say goodbye, this internship program has been nothing short of the ultimate experience.

My supervisor, Jeff Cheatham, recently wrote a blog highlighting the TrizCom internship program (if you haven’t read it yet, you should). Now I am writing to share my experience as well as write about why you should become an intern.

amanda blog august.jpg

As an intern, my first fear is always the one where I spend my time making coffee runs or just doing grunt work. Well, I am here to tell you that in this internship program, that was not the case.

During my time at TrizCom, I worked closely with Jeff helping him research, write press releases, make pitches and create media lists. Everything I created or assisted with, he gave me credit. If I created a press release or a pitch for a client, Jeff would either say “great job” or tell me what I could have done differently. Here, they want their interns to succeed, and they mean that.

Another great thing about this program and company were all of the “field trips” they let the interns go on. At TrizCom, they wanted us to have the full experience of what an everyday PR professional does. If there was an opportunity to visit a client, they made sure Rebecca and I joined. I was a part of client brainstorm meetings, television interviews and got to go on the set of a client’s photo shoot.

Finally, the best part of this internship is the company culture. At TrizCom, there is no such thing as a “closed” door (unless they are on the phone). Every morning I was greeted with a “hello” or “good morning” and left every night with a “thank you for all of your help” or “we appreciate you.” I never felt or was treated like an intern – more like a junior account executive. The office was always a fun place to be if there was a birthday or special occasion. As an office we took lunch trips, celebrated TrizCom’s ninth birthday and shared stories every Monday about our weekends. The perfect word to describe the company culture would be family.

Even though I am about to leave, I know that this is not actually goodbye. The people I met, the connections I made with the staff and clients, will never be forgotten. To every person at TrizCom, thank you. I had the best summer interning for such a wonderful company. I am leaving not only with a full portfolio filled with material, but appreciation and knowledge of what public relations professionals do. I am excited to see what the future holds for TrizCom, the next interns and me.

So if you are a student or recent graduate looking to grow your knowledge of the PR industry, and work for an awesome company, then look no further. To get the ultimate PR experience, send your resume and cover letter to Katie Mudd. I promise you will not regret it.