Surviving the Hamster Wheel

By Sarah Mosso, TrizCom PR Intern

TrizCom PR intern and equestrian Sarah Mosso

TrizCom PR intern and equestrian Sarah Mosso

Life seems to be this continuously moving wheel that we can’t get off of, no matter what life throws at us. We have to keep running, or we’ll slowly fall behind into an overwhelming mass of dizziness. As a college student, student-athlete and now employed intern, trying to juggle everything that is required of me leads to a variety of countless challenges. But I try to remind myself that I can’t be the only one who feels this way at this current stage in life – or any stage in life really.

With my senior year of college quickly coming to an end, I often reflect back on all I have learned through my various experiences since childhood, but specifically the experiences of these special past four years at SMU. As a student, I’ve learned to always try my best in school, doing what I can to make good grades. That partly stems from the people pleaser in me, where not only do I not want to let down my professors, but I also see the value in completing what is expected of me. And I understand now that the value of education is only half the material you actually learn; the other half is learning values such as discipline, work ethic and accountability.

As a student-athlete, I get the pleasure of being able to continue doing something I’ve been passionate about since the day I turned 6 years old – except that now that passion and dedication for horses has led me to become a part of the SMU Equestrian team, an NCAA Division I collegiate team. Doing something that truly makes me happy while being supported by an institution that values both academics and athletics has taught me more than I expected. I’ve learned the importance of being a part of something that requires you to not only be responsible for representing yourself, but also for representing your school. Not to mention, the horses have taught me special values that no human ever could.

As an employee and intern, I’ve been witness to real world client relationships and the importance of getting your individual job done in accordance with the whole company’s goals in order to achieve success. Every encounter I have while at work poses an opportunity for self-improvement and new knowledge.

If there’s one takeaway I get from all of this, it’s that balancing good relationships and hard work tends to pay off. Through my experience here at TrizCom, I have seen that philosophy prove true. Everyone at TrizCom values good and fair relationships with clients, and due to everyone’s combined hard work, the expectations of great and effective PR become reality.

I plan to take all of these experiences with me wherever I go post-graduation and will strive to always be a part of something I love, can work hard at and form relationships in for a purpose or cause that truly makes a difference for others.