How Does PR Support Marketing & Advertising?

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Hiring a PR firm is one of the best and most cost-effective ways for brands to position their businesses strategically. Public relations can be very valuable when your business has a limited budget to advertise and publicize your products and/or services in the market.

In addition to being more affordable than conventional advertising, public relations agencies also offer numerous benefits, especially for new businesses. PR firms utilize strategies that complement an organization’s current marketing and advertising initiatives.

There are many pieces of the marketing pie. A few include: :

  • Advertising (Paid Media)

  • Content Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media

  • Digital

If you are looking to hire a communications agency to bolster your business, it is important to understand that PR is just one slice of the marketing pie and it can’t stand alone.

Boosts Brand Awareness

The main function of a PR agency is to generate awareness, distribute information quickly and communicate your key messages to the key audiences of a brand’s targeted demographic. Seeing your company or brand name published across trusted and credible news sources creates third party validation.

Take this PR tactic of gaining exposure and validation via earned media and apply it directly to your marketing and advertising strategies. What trade events, news outlets, industry publications and other online sources do your customers and prospects visit or attend? Concentrate your advertising and marketing efforts on those news sources as well as events that your audience relies on regularly.

A PR strategy also supports direct marketing and advertising initiatives, and can increase your website’s rank on Google so people can easily find your business.

Helps You Reach Your Target Audience

The main purpose of all marketing is to reach an audience for a specific reason. You can be a fashion brand looking to reach customers who will purchase your clothing or shoes, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looking to spread important information about vaccinations.

Regardless of the organization/brand, audience or message, public relations strategies provide multiple avenues for brands to communicate with their target audience.

Attracts Investors

Leveraging PR strategies can help attract investors to your brand. This is especially beneficial and important when a business is in its infancy.

A meticulously planned PR strategy can help generate positive media coverage, drive website traffic and create demand that gives you a better negotiating position with prospective investors. Also, well-executed PR campaigns help establish your brand which can lead to securing partnerships and funding.

Amplifies Your Message

Once you have developed your initial PR campaign and determined the messaging to use on your website such as paid advertising, social pages or content marketing, it is up to your public relations firm to amplify your message. Tools, such as Google Trends ( , can help you track the progress you are making during outreach.

As stated earlier, public relations can not be the only marketing a brand does. PR only works when integrated within the Marketing Mix.